Secur’365 : Security Audit, Recommandations & Advices

Audit and Securize Microsoft 365

Our observation:

  • The security context evolves very rapidly according to:
    – developments of new features by Microsoft
    – new types of attacks or fraud attempts
  • A large number of settings is possible which requires a global vision of the available features.
  • Security only remains optimal if it is checked regularly

Objectives of our Secur’365 offer:

  • Identify and highlight potential security issues in your processes and in the use of security features.
  • Assess your overall maturity in terms of safety
  • Provide a RoadMap Security that identifies features, tools, and procedures that can help you
  • correcting identified vulnerabilities.
  • Encrypt the cost of a gradual implementation of each security feature.

The Secur’365 eCom CS offer is:

  • An inspection of your parameters
  • Taking into account your strategy, your constraints and your culture
  • An analysis resulting in a detailed report describing the identified flaws and suggestions for corrections
  • A proposed patch implementation strategy
  • A “security note” allowing you to position yourself on an ideal
  • The implementation of the recommendations.

The advantages of our offer:

  • An analysis of your security at a very low cost to give you a neutral opinion
  • Taking into account your context that allows us to modulate our conclusions without blindness
  • A RoadMap Custom Security Proposal

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