Inno’Watch: Continuous watch about Microsoft 365 evolutions
to facilitate innovation and tenant governance

On-Premise or in the Cloud, watch always has the same objectives

  • Help your businesses understand, adopt and make the best use of the available solutions
  • Help the IT teams to ensure the health of your Tenant and in particular its security

On the other hand, the cloud is revolutionizing traditional watch habits

Updates to a CLOUD platform like M365 are almost daily, numerous (*), and generally active by default (unlike updates from On Premise solutions).

(*) in 2021 there were 1221 additions in the M365 Roadmap, which includes more than a hundred solutions at this stage, in constant evolution.

How then to face these constant updates, which undermined the project mode used in the past to prepare the advent of an evolution?

Our response: InnoWatch

eCom CS, to respond to this, has set up the InnoWatch offer.
Every day, in “Run” mode, our team of multi-skilled watchers equipped with tools that we have built over several years, provides your Business and IT teams with everything they need to maintain continuous control of a world that imposes itself on them, but which at the same time constantly brings them great improvements and opportunities.

An offer with 5 levels of service

InnoWatch Level 1 – Daily operational information

A daily operational information service, via personalized Push Mail & TEAMS, to inform the IT teams of the developments that have entered production each morning.


  • Continuous, filtered and qualified information by our dedicated expert consultants
  • Profiled push mails, which ONLY send you what interests you
  • Access to our monitoring database, continuously updated

InnoWatch Level 2A – Monthly Synthesis

The publication of monthly synthesis about the Best Of rolled out updates of the previous month. These synthesis are divided into 4 chapters:

  • Microsoft activity indicators
  • Functional changes visible to users
  • Changes affecting Tenant security
  • Technical developments that concern IT teams


  • Gives you the opportunity to understand the scope of each evolution and its implementation, in seconds or minutes, instead of spending long hours.
  • We only explain to you what is actually in production, without any promise of an uncertain future.

InnoWatch Level 2B – Watch Committees

Regular Watch Committees, based on monthly synthesis, and led by functional and technical experts, to go into more detail on a selection of changes put into production on your Tenant in the previous month(s).


  • A practical decryption of the evolutions actually available (no announcement effect): you understand each evolution in a few moments, via diagrams, and click paths, videos, live demos.
  • 90 minutes to exchange between you and with you, and allow you to quickly understand the scope of the changes, and identify those you wish to study or implement.

InnoWatch Level 3 – End User Watch Notes

The continuous animation of your community of Champions and Super Users: Do not let your users ignore or discover by chance the evolutions automatically implemented every day by the editor, but dynamically accompany the most advanced and the most demanding in their adoption of tools, to maximize your investment.

As such, our team of Writers writes for you Watch Notes oriented towards end users, which present in a didactic way a Best Of of the functional evolutions of the past month(s). We can then publish them for you in the dedicated community of your corporate social network (Yammer, FaceBook Workplace or other).


  • You are freed from the workload resulting from the selection, testing, and documentation of each functional evolution
  • Your subscribed users are continuously supplied with information, without difficulty for you (IT).
  • You promote the adoption of solutions and the regular increase in the level of use.

InnoWatch Level 4 – Proactive monitoring

A proactive watch on the updates still under development, to inform you of the changes to come by deciphering them.


  • A practical decryption of the evolutions to come: you understand each evolution in a few moments, before their deployment.
  • This facilitates the animation of your network of champions / Super users.

Additional tailor-made services

We also offer tailor-made services to help you better understand, deploy, administer and support changes. Some examples :

  • Animation of monitoring committees, to help you take changes into account
  • Tailor-made studies, on the subjects of your choice.

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