Focus on balance

Like any economic organization, eCom CS aims to be profitable.

However, we consider that the life in company is also articulated around a certain number of principles of actions, respect and listening naturally compatible with our financial objectives.

These values ​​have shaped a corporate culture that allows eCom CS to maintain a common thread in the actions that accompany its development, by:

– Remaining attentive to the human dimension of our actions,
– Establishing a lasting relationship of trust with our interlocutors
– Focusing on teamwork and exchange of know-how
– Facilitating personal fulfillment
– Involving all contributors in the profits of the company.

eCom CS also offers the opportunity to work on projects with high visibility for prestigious clients (DIOR, SEPHORA, EDF, SUEZ, LVMH, MOUSQUETAIRES, etc …) while offering a friendly and motivating work environment, resolutely oriented towards the satisfaction of its customers.

Whether you are looking for a salaried position or a freelance contract, if you are dynamic, curious, involved, constantly looking for innovative solutions, and if you are looking for a technophile and exciting environment to express your full potential, contact us .

Here are some profiles we are currently looking for:

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