AdminBox : A Tool Box for Administration Rights Delegation

Simplify, secure, and automate the administration of Microsoft 365 tenants

Our observation:

  • There are two opposing visions of Microsoft 365 administration: complete centralization and local delegation
  • Full centralization is the option commonly used for lack of tools allowing local delegation under control
  • Centralization adds to local processes and weighs on central administrators
  • It makes local IT managers less autonomous and responsible
  • It can generate Shadows IT by rejecting too centralized processes

Objectives of our AdminBox offer:

Centralize to better delegate:

  • The complex administrative actions with general impact, or difficult to delegate, are managed at a Regional or Central level.
  • IT Local is autonomous for its most common needs and the closest to its users. He can carry out his own administrative actions in a controlled, secure and traced manner. This avoids having to perform frequent low value-added actions in Central.

The eCom CS AdminBox offer is:

  • Identification of the most common IT administration needs
  • Definition of the rules of use (standardization, traceability, …)
  • Implementation of delegation processes and tools:
    – Treatment of the most frequent acts of administration
    – On the perimeters of users and objects for which local ITs are responsible
    – Via simple and controlled interfaces
    – With the necessary and controlled delegation of rights

The advantages of our offer:

  • A customized administration toolbox according to your needs
  • Less frustration and more responsiveness for local IT
  • Less value-added actions for Central IT
  • Guaranteed security without multiplying the number of Global Admins

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