365° : Microsoft 365 Solutions and Usages’ Panorama

The constant evolution of Microsoft 365 and the great diversity of possibilities and solutions offered require, in order to take full advantage of it, to provide continuous assistance to users.

Our observation:

  • The number and richness of Microsoft 365 solutions can be confusing, but this profusion also supports innovation
  • Many evolutions often remain unknown, even though they could meet business needs
  • It is difficult to support a large number of users over time
  • Effective coaching requires significant time and resource consumption

Objectives of our 365° solution:

  • Empower users to understand and choose the Microsoft 365 Solution that’s right for them
  • Optimize the means necessary to deploy new usages
  • Highlight new solutions and facilitate innovation
  • Adapt communication on solutions according to the culture and choices of each company
  • Keep up-to-date usage recommendations taking into account the numerous Microsoft 365 evolutions

The 365° offer of eCom CS is:

  • A cloud offer that guides your employees, according to their needs, to the most suitable Microsoft 365 solution
  • A platform that offers them tutorials, a list of the latest developments made by Microsoft, indications on the level of service you offer them
  • A way for your IT & Innovation teams to discover:
    – The latest developments in Microsoft 365 solutions
    – The latest Microsoft 365 solutions even if they are not yet deployed in the enterprise.

The advantages of our offer:

  • Free in its Freemium Demo version
  • It builds on the ongoing activity of our Community of Watch for its update
  • It is secure and connectable to your directory
  • It is configurable by company, according to its usages and its strategic choices

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