Smart’Way: Assisting you in setting up your Digital Transformation

Initiate and pilot Digital Transformation

Our observation:

  • Digital Transformation is not an Incantation, but a Vision that must be broken down into a coherent Strategy and a Relevant Plan of Action, otherwise you will fail.
  • If setting up an Intranet, a website or collaborative tools were key actions a few years ago, Digital Transformation requires today a deep reflex of Organizations to innovate in the right place before that other actors, often unpredictable, innovate before them and Uberize them.
  • Digital Transformation is not limited to a few IT projects. It often involves reconsidering the Organization and the Functions involved.
  • Digital Transformation is not about simply “digitizing” paper processes, but about considering all Client / Internal / External processes and considering how to optimize all that is possible to be.
  • A strategy is an irreversible allocation of resources: it involves making the right budget choices upstream, otherwise it will fail for lack of resources. Studies show that support for change is often the most underestimated item (in 75% of cases) while the deployment of new usages is the main issue.

Objectives of our Smart Way offer:

  • Define and implement a global approach of Digital Transformation (“VOST”)
    – Define a Shared Vision for Digital Transformation : It makes possible to obtain an overall coherence of all the projects that will be launched and thus facilitates their arbitration.
    – Decline Vision as Objectives to Achieve : Objectives enable the measurement of the performance of projects launched and focus actions on deliverables expected in priority
    – Define a coherent Strategy to achieve the set objectives : Invest where it is critical to do so for the success of the process
    – Define and apply Transformation and Adoption Tactics : Thanks to the Strategy defined, in line with the Vision, to reach the Fixed Objectives.
  • Accompany the process in time

The Smart Way eCom CS’ offer is:

  • A high-level framing
  • An overall operational version
  • A tailored accompaniment

The advantages of our offer:

  • The definition of a clear and shared vision, the only guarantee of a global alignment of projects and committed resources
  • Implementation of an explicit Strategy and Tactics, guaranteeing the achievement of objectives
  • A tailor-made accompaniment according to your Culture, your objectives and your maturity.

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