Inno’Watch: Continuous Watch about Microsoft 365 evolutions
to facilitate innovation and Tenant Governance

CLOUD revolutionizes traditional Watch habits

  • The daily updates of a CLOUD platform generate a profusion of changes that make the continuous monitoring of the Microsoft 365 RoadMap CRITICAL:
    • In 2021, the Inno’Watch eCom CS watch team analyzed thousands of changes to Microsoft 365’s public RoadMap
      – 1220 new updates to the existing Roadmap
      – 863 interesting deployed updates
    • Microsoft 365 has an increasing number of nearly 90 solutions at this Stage, which are constantly evolving.

The Graph below shows the number of daily changes (updates or additions) in the M365 Public RoadMap (2019):

A CLOUD watch can only be effective if the information is:

  • Shared with stakeholders who use it
    – IT Corporate (Administrators, Support, Change Team, Security, Architecture, Developers, …)
    – Decentralized IT in national or international entities
    – But also some advanced business users (Champions,…)
  • Targeted as needed
    Users should only receive the information they need, not a deluge of information that does not concern them.
  • Followed day by day
    – The frequency of changes is such that daily monitoring is necessary.
    – Some evolutions require a rapid reaction from IT, before their deployment, on pain of not being able to modify the parameters deployed by default by Microsoft.
  • Aggregated
    The multiplicity of media (public RoadMap, Admin Center, Blogs, etc.) provides fragmented information that must be aggregated into a single point to simplify and speed up consultation.
  • Permanently available and Persistent
    Via a database updated daily by an expert watch team, dedicated and sustainable over time.

INNO’WATCH: Aggregate, Analyze, Communicate, to facilitate Adoption, Innovation and Tenant Management

The speed of evolution of cloud platforms leads to new situations:

  • A profusion of changes that make continuous monitoring of RoadMaps critical
  • Internal difficulties in maintaining effective Watch over time (significant consumption of time and resources)
  • Businesses that ignore the innovation opportunities regularly deployed by editors, due to the lack of continuous information processes

The objectives of Inno’Watch are to bring you a maximum of Added Value:

  • Monitor updatesof Microsoft 365 and Office 365 continuously
  • Aggregate the available information, qualify and analyze each update,
  • Communicate only the updates that interest you, every day, according to your expectations and needs
  • Facilitate Tenant Governance by taking rapid account of changes
  • Highlight new Opportunities and facilitate Innovation

The Inno’Watch eCom CS offer: A multi-channel, multi-faceted service aimed at several populations

  • A daily operational information service, via Push Mail & TEAMS, to inform IT teams of developments that have gone into production each morning
  • Monthly Watch Committees, at your site, led by functional and technical experts, to come back in more detail on a selection of changes put into production on your Tenant the previous month.
  • The continuous animation of thematic communities of Super Users: Do not let your users ignore or discover by chance the changes automatically implemented each day by the publisher, but dynamically support the most advanced and the most demanding in their adoption of the tools, to maximize your investment.
  • Tailor-made services to help you better understand, deploy, administer and support changes.

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